J Laca Museum

The J Laca Museum is a 2,000 sq. ft. collection of sports and jai-alai memorabilia located in Seminole, Florida. This priceless and one-of-a-kind accumulation was designed from scratch and encompasses 14-spaces of a 17-car garage. The jai alai section recently was renovated a second time in 2020 with the acquisition of artifacts from the Mark K. Collection. The heavily secured museum is climate controlled at 35% humidity and is kept in total darkness to preserve everything unless opened up for private showings and parties. Nearly 500 people have visited since opening in 2015, including baseball HOF Wade Boggs and (should be HOF) Fred McGriff.

Among the sports items include:

  • 1905 baseball cap signed by legendary Cy Young
  • Signed baseballs from Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in elaborate displays
  • Original seats from Yankee Stadium I (1923) and Yankee Stadium II (1976)
  • Original seats from Fenway Park, with seat # 9 signed by Ted Williams
  • Baseball signed by Honus Wagner
  • Handmade bat from the 1800s
  • Signed baseball by Michael Jordan after playing for the White Sox
  • Signatures from boxing legends Ali, Frazier and Tyson
  • Signed jerseys by Bobby Orr, Lebron James & Warren Sapp
  • Baseball bat signed by 35 Hall of Famers
  • Framed Collection of all 27 Yankees World Championship rings
  • Bat signed by Pete Rose the day he was banned from baseball for life

Among the jai-alai items include:

  • Rare jai-alai pinball machine – one of 3 in the world
  • Etched glass from entrance to Tampa Jai-alai’s restaurant
  • Lighted 5-foot sign from the Tampa jai-alai’s bar
  • Framed programs from nearly 50 frontons around the world
  • Jai-alai basket used by Bolivar
  • Actual hunks of the front wall from Bridgeport and Tampa’s frontons
  • Jersey, cesta and helmet used by “the real” Laca in his last game
  • Jerseys signed by Randy, Daniel, Kent and Goitia
  • Rare inaugural roster photos from New York, New Orleans, Chicago
  • Showcase of making of a pelota (donated by Al Almada)
  • Various artifacts dating back to well over 130-years ago
  • Special dedication to America’s first public jai-alai court